Kellie F.

 "I started going to Dr. Pesta two years ago. When I started going I could not read a book at all because I got headaches every time I read, so I quit reading for the most part all the way around. If I had a project in school I had to do that involved reading, I would not do the assignment.

Dr. Pesta started adjusting me, and in less than three months I started reading again and I was able to read for hours straight without stopping.  I was worried I would get a headache from straining my eyes, and I didn't! From then on I read every chance I got. I finished one book in two weeks and that was the first book I had ever finished in 13 years of my life!

Then I started my freshman year of high school and I had to read all the time because of schoolwork. Now I am 15 years old and have successfully finished my year being on the Honor Roll and with a 3.0 grade point average ~ with no headaches!!"

Jane F. (79 yrs old)

"My first visit to Dr. Pesta was in the year 2000. I was in a wheelchair after suffering a heart attack with severe backpain.  Worried that I would never walk again, I was referred to Dr. Pesta's office. Several visits later I graduated to a walker.  Today I walk most places with just a cane.  I don't know where I'd be today if it wasn't for Dr. Pesta's magic hands."