University of Richmond Research

"Lower Costs"

The purpose of this 1992 published study was to compare the costs between chiropractic doctors and alternative medical practitioners. Conducted by the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond, researchers concluded that for many common back-related health problems, chiropractic is a lower cost option.

Researcher compared chiropractic care with treatment rendered by a cross-section of other types of providers during the year 1980. These included general practitioners, internists, surgeons, physicians, and non-physicians. They compared treatment of specific conditions, number of visits, costs of visits, and total money spent. When the treatment costs were compared, chiropractic care was the lowest.

Besides having the lowest per visit charges, researchers discovered that total treatment costs were lower for those receiving chiropractic care, than for those receiving care from other types of practitioners.

Researchers concluded that if chiropractic care was covered by insurance to the degree of other types of care, it would be the first choice by many patients.

A Comparison of the Costs of Chiropractors Versus Alternative Medical Practitioner, David H. Dean, Ph.D., Robert M. Schmidt, Ph.D., Bureau of Disability Economics Research, Robins School of Business, University of Richmond, January 13, 1992, Page 25.