Trifecta Light Body Contouring

No exercise, dieting, surgery, or injections required! Come experience the power of our brand new Trifecta Light Body Contouring machine!

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Trifecta Body Contouring Treatment At Pesta Chiropractic & ChiroThin!

The Trifecta Light is some of the latest technology for body contouring. Body contouring with Trifecta Light is a non-surgical procedures designed to reshape and enhance the appearance of the body. This procedure is often sought after by individuals who have undergone significant weight loss, have loose or sagging skin, or simply want to improve the overall contour of their body. Body contouring can help target stubborn fat areas such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, waist, hips, stomach, neck, and more. The treatment requires zero downtime, surgery, injections, diets, pills, or exercise and has zero side-effects! It’s important to note that while Trifecta Body Contouring procedure can produce significant improvements in body shape, they are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet and exercise. 

weight loss with chirothin in Centennial, CO
weight loss with chirothin and body contouring in Centennial, CO
weight loss with chirothin in Centennial, CO

How Does The Trifecta Light Body Contouring Work?

The Trifecta Light is developed and designed to liquify the fat within the fat cells and then that fat is naturally pushed out of the body with absolutely zero pain or any downtime. After treatment we put all patients onto our VIB machine (Vibration plate therapy machine) which allows the body to rapidly push the fat out of the body!

trifecta light body contouring
body contouring with trifecta light in Centennial CO

No More Excercise Required

Our team members use the Trifecta Light to help our patients lose weight without eating pre-packaged meals, drinking nasty shakes, or exercising! 

Our average patient loses between one and three inches in their very first treatment of just 30 minutes!

Long-Term Results Backed By Science

Results will vary from patient to patient, primarily due to the commitment by the patient to their goals. If our patients maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle from a diet perspective, it’s near permanent!

trifecta light body contouring in Centennial, CO and chirothin weight loss program


At Pesta Chiropractic, we love helping our patients feel great! Read more about what a typical experience is like at our office.

Lois – Scoliosis

“Dr Pesta is my chiropractor for life! He is so intuitive about body
mechanics that he delivers an adjustment specially tailored to me…
he has resolved my scoliosis so that I am nearly pain free!”

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Introducing Dr. Michael J. Pesta, DC

I found that adjusting people back to health in a safe and natural manner far exceeded having people turn to chemicals to try to become the healthy individual that they would like to be. Our weight loss portion of the office is amazing at helping people achieve their health goals. One of the largest problems that enters our office is weight gain and we have a great solution! I love that I can help people with these life long problems.

chiropractor in Centennial, CO
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